Rotating Machines

Machine studies

  • Renovation and studies of machines in order to improve their energy efficiency for motors and alternators by modifying the magnetic circuit and the winding
  • Modification of machine characteristics
  • Construction of prototypes (wind energy)


  • Low voltage motors with cage or wound rotors
  • High voltage motors with cage or wound rotors
  • High and low voltage alternators
  • Motorcycle gearboxes
  • Motorcycle pumps
  • DC motors and generators
  • All powers
  • Standard or specific
  • Available stock from 1,5kw to 110 kW
  • Sale of accessories (brushes, terminal boards, fans)


  • Assistance with commissioning
  • Data recording and machine signature at point 0
  • On and off line follow-up

Energy efficiency R&D

Modeling and calculation of new magnetic circuits and windings in the context of renovation services to :

  • improve the efficiency of synchronous motors
  • increase the power of production alternators, especially in the field of hydroelectric energy, with the same dimensions.

establish a partnership with the Laboratoire Systèmes Electrotechniques et Environnement (LSEE) specialized in electrical engineering.

This approach is also part of the work carried out by the MEDEE pole to which Flipo-Richir belongs.