Flipo-Richir has a first class workshop allowing to treat a very wide range of material from the smallest to the biggest: lifting capacity 70 Tons.

Our workshop allows us to intervene on all the entrusted materials:

  • rotating machines,
  • transformers,
  • generators,
  • thermal engines,
  • automation cabinets
  • speed variators

Workshop in Seclin :

  • Industrial hall of 6,000 m2 in 2 naves located on a plot of 22,000 m2,
  • The workshop is equipped with 2 cranes of 35 T, 1 crane of 40 T, 2 cranes of 8 T, 2 gantries of 1.6 T,
  • Minimum useful height 12 m,
  • Offices and social premises : 1 200 m2,
  • Vacuum and pressure impregnation stand,
  • Ovens,
  • Unwinding oven,
  • Dynamic balancer,
  • Paint booth,
  • Machine tools,
  • Test platform for electric motors, transformers, generators (fuel and gas engines), power electronics for no-load and load tests.

Flipo-Richir also has a set of mobile means allowing to intervene on site in the best conditions:

  • Workshop truck,
  • Equipment for dielectric treatment of transformers,
  • Loadbanks,
  • Central measuring stations,
  • On-site balancing.

lipo-Richir has the most efficient measuring equipment to intervene in its various fields of activity both in France and abroad:


  • Network analyzers,
  • Laser liners,
  • Global and spectral vibration analysis equipment,
  • Polarization index equipment, Ohm’s law reduced deviation measurements,
  • Shock wave test equipment for windings,
  • Equipment for measuring dielectric discharge, delta tangent …..
  • Infrared cameras,
  • Processing software.
  • Workshop containers