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Audiovisual: installation of 2 generators and engineering
916 688 Flipo Richir

< Accomplishments On behalf of our client in the audiovisual sector, we have set up two 2000 KVA generators in the Paris region. Contact us…

Replacement of drive and motor 710kW
1024 576 Flipo Richir

< Accomplishments Application extraction of incinerator fumes. File allowing the customer to benefit from the CEE premiums which allowed him to finance this project! Contact…

Installation of a safety generator for the Euralille site
1024 461 Flipo Richir

For the Euralille site, our teams installed a 400kVa safety generator on the 12th floor on a dedicated structure.

Crane and installation of a self-stable chimney with NFX trap door
629 768 Flipo Richir

We intervened in the logistics sector for the craneage and installation of a 15-meter self-stable chimney. 

Installation of a generator unit with fugitive coupling to the network
1024 768 Flipo Richir

We realized for a logistic warehouse in Ile de France the installation of a generator of 2000 KVA PRP in fugitive coupling network for an emergency use.

Repair of a drive for the Grand Tunnelier in the Paris region
576 1024 Flipo Richir

Flipo Richir’s teams have intervened in the Paris region for the Big Tunnel Boring Machine. We carried out the repair of a 400kW drive. This operation was the opportunity to make the following changes:

Maintenance of a synchronous wind turbine generator
458 342 Flipo Richir

We conducted a maintenance operation on a synchronous wind turbine generator with mechanical and electrical expertise. 

Emergency repair of a drive on the translation of a container crane
1024 576 Flipo Richir

Emergency repair by Flipo Richir of a drive on the translation of a container crane for a customer in Guadeloupe.

Renovation of the control equipment of 2 generators
1024 461 Flipo Richir

Our teams carried out the renovation of the control equipment of 2 generators of 1450 KVA coupled together.

Installation of an emergency generator in a rehabilitation center in the North of France
1024 614 Flipo Richir

Our teams installed an emergency generator in a rehabilitation center in the North.

HV engine tests on platform after overhaul in our workshop
1024 574 Flipo Richir

Back in video on a HT engine test in our workshop in Seclin.
This engine test was the occasion to realize :

Maintenance contract for your generators
599 798 Flipo Richir

Your generator must ensure its emergency energy production function at the right time. Maintenance is therefore the key to allowing your generator to perform its critical backup function in good conditions.

Datacenter: fuel supply system for 6 generators
970 886 Flipo Richir

On behalf of a Data Center, we carried out several services: Engineering, construction, on-site installation, commissioning of a fuel supply system for 6 generators

Neutralization operations of old transformers within the framework of our MASE approach
1024 768 Flipo Richir

We manage the neutralization operations of their old transformers, before sending them to a waste recycling center.

Manufacturing process of cycle construction
1024 768 Flipo Richir

We have for one of our customers perform several services between the supply, installation and commissioning of a generator of 22KVA.

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