Professional groups

Flipo-Richir adheres to and participates in the actions of SIRMELEC, a group of electrical equipment maintenance and service companies.

Flipo-Richir adheres to and participates in the actions carried out by the UIMM des Hauts de France

Flipo-Richir is a member of the Bpifrance Excellence network, a business network of growth entrepreneurs supported by BPI France.

Flipo Richir is a member of Pôle Medee.

Since 2010, the Pôle Medee has been the link between the industrial world and that of research.

Based in Lille, the Pôle Medee aims to federate and animate a community of actors specialized in electrical engineering: large groups, innovative SMEs, startups, laboratories and higher education establishments.

The objective is to promote collaborative R&D, innovation transfers and technological leaps. The actions carried out have already made it possible to strengthen regional advanced skills in electrical engineering, as well as the competitiveness of the local industrial fabric in this field.

The Association for all Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Sales and Service Providers. The Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. ( is an international trade organization of approximately 2,000 electromechanical sales and service firms in 50 countries. EASA International encompasses 10 Regions. European & World Chapter Limited are Region 9.

EASA European & World Chapter Limited, Region 9 encompasses territories of Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Scandinavia. Through its many engineering and educational programs, EASA provides members with a wealth of information and support.

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