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Récompense prix FIECC - BPI l Flipo Richir

Flipo Richir et LSEE reçoivent le prix FIEEC et BPI France

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Fierté !

Flipo-Richir et le LSEE (Laboratoire Systèmes Electrotechniques et Environnement ), de l’Université d’Artois ont reçu le 6 octobre dernier la mention spéciale du Prix FIEEC – Bpifrance de la Recherche Appliquée 2022 à l’occasion du #big2022 de Bpifrance à l’Accor Arene Paris.

Cette distinction récompense le travail collaboratif réalisé dans le cadre de la thèse portant sur l’optimisation des performances des machines électriques en maintenance.

Merci au Pôle MEDEE pour son soutien !

The key to international development is the network

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Christophe Debendere, president of Flipo-Richir, talks to BPI France about the company’s international development in Poland and Africa.

The company also invests in training to allow Guinean students to come and follow a course in electrical systems maintenance in France.

International development of the company

Flipo Richir has been on the African continent since 2015 with Cameroon and then the Ivory Coast and the Central African Republic.

Since 2018, a subsidiary has been established in Guinea: Flipo Africa Energy.

Training, a key issue 

Flipo Richir is the instigator of a program that allows Guinean students to study in France for a professional degree in electrical systems maintenance.

The objective is to train them in these professions and then collaborate with them.

Some will integrate the group’s subsidiaries, others will become partners and others will become industrial players in Guinea.

Industrial automation maintenance

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Industrial automation maintenance is an added value of Flipo Richir’s offer.

At any time, Flipo Richir intervenes on your industrial automation equipment for both prevention and repair.

The advantages of industrial maintenance are numerous, it allows in particular:

  • To avoid or reduce breakdowns
  • To avoid accidents and increase the safety of people
  • To anticipate costly corrective maintenance repairs
  • To control your energy consumption by maintaining your installations in perfect working order

Also, we provide for you : 

  • Preventive backup of automats
  • Replacement of batteries / automatons
  • Backup of drive parameters
  • Preventive maintenance of drives
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Connection control
  • Gradual power up of drives that have been stored for more than a year (to prevent capacitor destruction)

Membership to France Hydro Electricity

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Flipo Richir joinsFrance Hydro Electricity!

In France and abroad, Flipo-Richir intervenes in hydroelectric power plants for the rehabilitation of alternators and their excitation, regulation and protection systems.

Its interventions range from the mechanical part of the alternator, through the winding, the repair of poles and the modification of DC exciters into alternators with rotating diodes.

The calculation programs developed by Flipo-Richir allow resizing of machines with optimization of losses, improvement of efficiency,…

Best wishes 2021

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The Flipo Richir team wishes you all the best for the coming year!

Following a very special year in 2020 when everyone had to reinvent themselves, we want more than ever to continue our efforts to listen to you and be at your side.

Because the support of our customers is a major stake, we will continue to offer you increasingly responsive and personalized services to best meet your needs and business constraints.

We are your partner for all your energy issues and we can bring you sustainable solutions.

Because we believe that a relationship of trust is essential to the success of your projects, we also provide 24-hour service, 7 days a week.

New service: Launch of the chat on the Flipo Richir website

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Flipo Richir deploys its new online service: A chat! 

This service will give you a new way to communicate with our teams. 

You will be able to ask your questions to our consultant at any time of the day. 

A request about a product, about our services, about our activities or simply a question? Our consultant will be able to respond promptly!

Why was this new service launched?

Simply to be even closer to you and allow us to be even more responsive to your requests and needs.

This chat is also an interactive and easy to use tool for all to facilitate exchanges between you and us.

See you soon in the chat room! 

24-hour intervention: on-call service, on-site interventions, spare parts …

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Flipo Richir also provides a reactive technical response 24 hours a day!

Indeed, we can put at your disposal an on-call service including a cell for taking calls 24 hours a day all year round and teams of interventions on site in the various technical fields of the company.

This on-call structure also allows some customers to benefit from 24-hour delivery of spare parts.

We also provide this type of service to manufacturers for whom we are approved and respond on their behalf to requests on call.

Our geographical locations in the North, in the Paris region and in the West allow us to efficiently cover our customers’ needs on the territory.

FLIPO RICHIR: Presentation of the SME Gas pedal program supported by BPI France

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On Friday, September 11, 2020, the majority of the FLIPO-RICHIR teams met in the SECLIN workshops for the presentation of the FLIPO business project.

This project for the future, co-constructed with the teams, the BPI consultants, within the framework of the “SME Accelerator program” supported by Entreprises et Cités, the Hauts de France region and BPI France, constitutes a real evolution of the structural organization of FLIPO-RICHIR in coherence with its trades, its markets, its customers and suppliers and obviously, its teams.

To deploy this strategy, an increase in its workforce of 20% over the last two months with the hiring of young people tutored by the most experienced, several young people with 5 years of higher education, Master’s degree and Engineer, one of whom is on a work-study program as a VTE (Territorial Volunteering in Companies), and experienced technical and commercial staff.

An offensive strategy in the current context allowing to reach the ambitious objectives presented, thanks to the reinforcement of its establishments in France, to the continuation of the international actions through the Polish subsidiary FLIPO ENERGIA in the Eastern countries and the Guinean subsidiary FLIPO AFRIQUE ENERGIE in Africa, and to the direct effects of the works of Research and Development in the field of the energy efficiency and the renewable energies.

A new decisive step for the company, thanks to the “SME Accelerator Program” and with the support of the BPI.

Accelerator: this name fits definitely to this program!

Installation of 2 generators on the highest tower in the european union

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Very proud of the achievement of the Flipo Energia teams who realized this turnkey project!

Realization of the study, the engineering, the dimensioning, but also the supply, the installation and the commissioning of 2 generating units of a capacity of 1 900 kVA each, of mark Kohler – SDMO.

The teams equipped the highest tower in the European Union, standing over 200 meters above the ground.

Flipo Richir is 100 years old: new logo and new strategy

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For nearly 100 years now, Flipo Richir has been working alongside you to provide you with the best quality service.

100 years of expertise, support, monitoring and technological developments. 

But also 100 years of questioning and turbulence during the various economic crises. 2020 is no exception.

These few months of introspection allowed us to refine our strategy to get back on track. As a result, we are all the more energized, with an even more efficient organization, and always attentive to your needs.

Symbol of a new era, our logo has been redesigned for 2020.

As for our Energy, it always remains in Services!