Power Generators

Audiovisual: installation of 2 generators and engineering

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On behalf of our client in the audiovisual sector, we have set up two 2000 KVA generators in the Paris region.

Installation of a safety generator for the Euralille site

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For the Euralille site, our teams installed a 400kVa safety generator.

The installation took place on the 12th floor on a dedicated structure.Acrophobes, do not!

Crane and installation of a self-stable chimney with NFX trap door

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We intervened in the logistics sector in Normandy for the craning and installation of a 15-meter self-stable chimney.

This chimney has an NFX hatch for an 800kVA generator. The customized tank has a range of 5000 liters.

Installation of a generator unit with fugitive coupling to the network

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We realized for a logistic warehouse in Ile de France the installation of a generator of 2000 KVA PRP in fugitive coupling network for an emergency use.

This installation was combined with the construction of the fuel network and the installation of a chimney more than 20 meters high.

Installation of an emergency generator in a rehabilitation center in the North of France

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Our teams installed an emergency generator in a rehabilitation center in the North.

Endurance tests were carried out after on-site acceptance with load tests on resistive load banks up to 110% of the rated power.

We took measurements of the electrical and physical parameters of the generator.

With the client, we validated the test protocol.

Maintenance contract for your generators

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The maintenance service

We provide our contract customers with a 24/7 on-call structure. It provides service to customers in particular for very sensitive sites such as hospitals, the continuous fire industry, data centres, etc.

The call back time is ¼ hour, to ensure the best service, availability and responsiveness in case of need.

The skills of our technicians and their mastery of the different technologies allow us to develop our field of expertise on all the subsets of the generator: the thermal motor part, the generator and the automation of the generator or power plant, without the need for subcontracting.

This in compliance with Mase requirements: Safety, Quality, Environment and manufacturer recommendations.

The goal? To guarantee the longevity and reliability of your equipment over time.

Flipo-Richir is also a workshop able to handle heavy maintenance, mechanical and electrical operations, with a lifting capacity of 70 Tons and a complete test platform: cooling equipment, tanks and power circuits, exhausts, load banks.

Our Flipo Richir contract 

  • A maintenance program tailored to your needs and tailored with your services
  • Year-round planned interventions to meet your availability and production constraints
  • Technical assistance and troubleshooting 24/24 7/7 (on call)
  • Tracking your equipment throughout the contract
  • Equipment obsolescence monitoring and replacement or upgrade proposal
  • Technical watch on manufacturer defects and corrective actions
  • Areas of progress with implementation of the latest technologies (quality of oils, new generation of batteries, etc.)
  • Failure of maintenance of all brands (Volvo, MTU, Caterpillar, Perkins, John Deere, Cummins, Iveco, etc.)
  • The possibility to access all information online on our GMAO:
    • Intervention reports
    • Test results
    • Quote in progress
  • Projected budgets
  • The possibility of remote control in the context of erasure contracts or to provide remote routine tests and equipment monitoring

Datacenter: fuel supply system for 6 generators

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On behalf of a Data Center, we have performed several services: Engineering, construction, on-site installation, commissioning of a fuel supply system for 6 generators 

This supply system consists of 2 containers equipped with fuel pumps with redundancy circuits. They have a capacity of 8000l/h each pumping in 4 tanks of 120m3 with 30m of altitude difference.

The equipments integrate the management automation with HMI of the whole.

Manufacturing process of cycle construction

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Manufacturing process of cycle construction
For one of our customers, we have performed several services between the supply, installation and commissioning of a 22KVA generator.
This makes it possible to strengthen autonomy on their site in the Hauts de France.
Thus, from 10 KVA to 4500 KVA unit, the same care is given to the installations carried out.