HV engine tests on platform after overhaul in our workshop

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Back in video on a HT engine test in our workshop in Seclin.

This engine test was the occasion to achieve :

  • a vacuum test
  • Delta tangent analysis and measurement
  • partial discharges

Neutralization operations of old transformers within the framework of our MASE approach

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Flipo-Richir is also involved in the destruction of specific equipment for the steel industry. We apply all environmental rules and integrated procedures as part of our MASE approach. 

Here, on behalf of a major customer in the steel industry, we manage the neutralisation operations of their former transformers, before shipment to a waste recycling centre.

Transformers are drained of their oil on site using an approved process. This oil will be recycled for future use. The oil recycling operation consists of filtering the contaminants present in the oil. It is then processed to regain a quality that makes it usable again as a dielectric.

In France, waste oil collected today represents nearly 210,000 tonnes per year. The active parts are recycled for metal recovery, copper in particular.

The circular economy is one of the fundamentals of industrial maintenance companies. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact by taking into account the entire life cycle of the equipment.