Audiovisual: installation of 2 generators and engineering

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On behalf of our client in the audiovisual sector, we have set up two 2000 KVA generators in the Paris region.

Replacement of drive and motor 710kW

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Application extraction of incinerator fumes. File allowing the customer to benefit from the CEE premiums which allowed him to finance this project!

Installation of a safety generator for the Euralille site

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For the Euralille site, our teams installed a 400kVa safety generator.

The installation took place on the 12th floor on a dedicated structure.Acrophobes, do not!

Crane and installation of a self-stable chimney with NFX trap door

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We intervened in the logistics sector in Normandy for the craning and installation of a 15-meter self-stable chimney.

This chimney has an NFX hatch for an 800kVA generator. The customized tank has a range of 5000 liters.

Installation of a generator unit with fugitive coupling to the network

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We realized for a logistic warehouse in Ile de France the installation of a generator of 2000 KVA PRP in fugitive coupling network for an emergency use.

This installation was combined with the construction of the fuel network and the installation of a chimney more than 20 meters high.

Repair of a drive for the Grand Tunnelier in the Paris region

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Flipo Richir’s teams worked in the Paris region for the Grand tunnelier. We carried out the troubleshooting of a 400kW drive. This operation was an opportunity to make the following changes:

  • of power cards
  • thyristors
  • of measurement cards
  • Track control boards
  • IGBT: The bipolar isolated grid transistor

In short, a big new move and it starts again!

Maintenance of a synchronous wind turbine generator

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On behalf of one of our clients in the field of energy production located in the North, we have performed several services. We conducted a maintenance operation of a 600V synchronous wind generator,  3795kVa max, with mechanical and electrical expertise. 

We performed preventive maintenance, varnishing and replacement of bearings and seals. This is in view of the rehabilitation of the mechanical subassemblies. Our teams disassembled and reassembled the generator in the workshop in a vertical position thanks to a height under hook of 15 m.

Emergency repair of a drive on the translation of a container crane

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On behalf of our client, we performed an emergency troubleshooting of a speed controller on the translation of a container gantry from Pointe to Pitre.

Sector of activity: Large maritime port in Guadeloupe

Renovation of the control equipment of 2 generators

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Our teams have renovated the control equipment of two 1450 KVA generators coupled to each other and to the network

We reviewed the management of load distribution and load shedding when low power usage is required.

Customer: Retail/North

Installation of an emergency generator in a rehabilitation center in the North of France

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Our teams installed an emergency generator in a rehabilitation center in the North.

Endurance tests were carried out after on-site acceptance with load tests on resistive load banks up to 110% of the rated power.

We took measurements of the electrical and physical parameters of the generator.

With the client, we validated the test protocol.

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